Cultural Island Tour of Nosy Be - Full Day

Cultural Island Tour of Nosy Be - Full Day

Cultural Island Tour – full day

The Malagasy culture is very varied and spread across the entire island – Nosy Be is just a small part of this complex island continent.

A cultural tour of Nosy Be will give you an expert insight to the history and people of the area.  

A particular highlight is a visit to Marodoka - the oldest town in Nosy Be built in the 15th century. It still holds historical vestiges of the first Arab and Indian immigrants on the island. 

Miriam is the President of the Ravinala Association, established in 2009, with more than 40 other members. The association aims to protect the cultural heritage and the rich environment of Nosy Be, with Lokobe National Park.

The visit to Marodoka includes the "ghost house", built in the 15th century;                                              

The first mosque of Madagascar that was built in Nosy Be by the Arabs. At present more than half of the local community is Muslim. 

A "rapid mosque" is also available for those who would like to have their wishes fulfilled faster. This rapid mosque was historically used by the African slaves since the Arabs did not want to pray in the same place as them.

An Indian hut that was renovated many years ago.

An Indian cemetery of the Indian immigrants from Bombay in the 19th century.


THE SITE SACRED TREE MAHATSINJO EST a place of worship and prayer where people come to seek the blessings of God through the spirits of our ancestors. Attendance of young couples freshly married, especially in honeymoon is strongly desired because this place gives the blessing on the sustainability and sustainability of the wedding, because this tree is a source of energy for the newlyweds, here's the first aspect Mystic and mystery of the sacred tree.

Cultural Tour of Nosy Be, Madagascar

The last part of the visit is a warm traditional show by the members of the Association, at the entrance of the park. The Sakalava women wear "salovana" dresses, make up made of "masonjoany" which also protects their skin from the sun. The main musical instrument is wooden sticks clacked together, with songs reminiscent of African repetitive beats.

Cultural Tour with MadagasCaT:

You will be collected from your hotel

Spend the day with an English speaking guide visiting the city centre of Hellville:

  • The Royal Palace
  • Marodoka
  • Lemuria Land,
  • The Sacred tree that is part of the Sakalava culture ‘Antakarana’.
  • Andilana and finally enjoy the Sunset at Mont Passot – the highest point of Nosy Be..

You will then be dropped back at your hotel          

PRICE: €62 pp based on 2 – 4 people:

  • Lunch + water + coke
  • Entrance to: Sacred Tree, Lemuria Land, Marodoka, Mont Passot.
  • 1 bottle of water per person during the tour.
  • the taxi and driver
  • English Speaking guide

Other popular activities or excursions include Quad Biking, Horse Riding. hiking, spa treatments, guided walks and a visit to Lemur Land. 

Sakatia Lodge, Nosy Sakatia, Madagascar

Sakatia Lodge, Nosy Sakatia, Madagascar

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Tsara Komba Lodge, Nosy Ambariovato