Miavana - Island Sanctuary Nosy Ankao

Miavana is an ultra-luxury lodge on the private island of Nosy Ankao off the northeast coast of Madagascar. Slated for a December 2016 reveal, this exquisite escape by Time + Tide will offer an untouched and unparalleled adventure marked by its wildlife offerings, pristine Indian Ocean setting, and collaborative conservation practices.


This seven day tour takes you either by kayak or on the support boat if you are not a great paddler to Nosy Komba, Tanikely Marine Reserve, Nosy Vorona, ‘mainland’ Madagascar, Ankify, Millot Cocoa Plantation, Ambanja and Hellville,

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Most South Africans love a good fishing story – and the waters around Nosy Be are filled with fresh, exciting ones!  Game fishing rewards you with screaming reels and huge fish on the line – Kuta; GT; Wahoo; Sailfish; Tuna (yellow fin and Dogtooth), Barracuda, Dorado and so much more!

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L'Heure Bleue

On the Beach!  Great View! Rimflow Pool! Superb new suites!L'Heure Bleue enjoys the peaceful end of Madirokely, offering incredible views over to Tanikely and has wonderful, friendly, and efficient staff.

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